Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my child need speech therapy services?

Often you would be referred to a speech and language pathologist by the pediatrician who is monitoring your child’s development.  You can speak to your pediatrician about developmental concerns and if you have more questions you can call our office for a free consultation to determine if an evaluation is needed.

What does a Speech Therapy session look like?

Sessions are structured based on the child’s age, goals, areas of need, and attention span. Sessions can involve play based therapies, table top activities, and various other therapy techniques depending on the child’s needs.

What does a Speech Therapy Evaluation look like?

Speech evaluations vary depending on the child’s area of need but often involve parent questionnaires about the child’s current language abilities, direct assessment tasks completed by the child to demonstrate language abilities, and observation of the child to assess functional use of language.

Do you accept my insurance?

Currently we are in network with Blue Shield of California PPO insurance plans. We also still accept private pay clients and can prepare a “super bill” upon request with all the necessary codes and information for you to submit to other insurance providers for possible reimbursement.

Additionally, Berry Speech and Language Pathology is a vendor for San Diego Regional Center. Please contact your case manager if you are interested in receiving early intervention services with us.

How do I pay for therapy or assessments?

We are in network with most Blue Shield of California PPOs and are a vendor with San Diego Regional Center. Copays and applicable fees are based on individual plans. 

We also have a Private pay /out-of-pocket  option. Once payment is received for the session, you can request a ‘super bill’ to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.

All payments are made through our secure client portal.

Are Sessions in person or online?

We offer both virtual and in-home sessions depending on scheduling and availability. This is discussed during our initial consultation.