About Me

I’m a Speech and Language Pathologist who believes in helping children and families. 

Cocoa Berry

Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist

I am ASHA certified and licensed in the state of California. I have years of experience as the lead Speech and Language Pathologist at a clinic where I have supervised clinical fellows, speech and language pathology assistants, and provided support and guidance to licensed speech and language pathologists. I have started this private practice so that I can give clients even more care and attention as we work toward their communication goals and build a stronger community.

My Approach & Values

I believe there is nothing more important than family. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and moved to California after getting my degree in speech and language pathology. I’ve loved California ever since.

I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids that bring a lot of joy into my life. With this awesome amount of joy, my family also brings a lot of responsibility. I worry about them and want the best for them. Since starting a family I have gained more perspective when interacting with children and families. I think of my own family and how I would want to be treated by a professional if I had any worries or concerns for my son or daughter. I try to bring this focus to every aspect of evaluation and treatment, when seeing clients and supporting families.

My Experience

I’ve worked as a speech and language pathologist over many years in several settings. I have worked in schools, early intervention provided in home services, and in private clinics. I  have extensive experience working with children on the Autism spectrum, across different settings, areas of need, and ages. 

I have worked in early intervention and early identification, as well as in schools, in private practice, and supporting kids via teletherapy. I have experience supporting young adults with ASD as they transition out of school. I have worked with children who are nonverbal or limited verbal, those who utilize AAC devices, as well as kids who need support navigating social and pragmatic language. 

 I am trained to administer and interpret various speech and language assessments, and work with families to set treatment goals and plans. 

 I also have experience evaluating for and writing IEPs, conducting IEP meetings, and supporting progress toward IEP goals. While in private practice I used this experience to support families navigating the school and IEP process. 

My Education


  • Masters in Communication Sciences, University of Vermont
  • Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist, California
  • Certified American Speech Language & Hearing Association