Cocoa Berry

Speech Language Pathologist working with Children & Families.

Speech Evaluations

We assess all aspects of language comprehension, language expression, social aspects of language, and speech sound production to determine areas of need, write goals, and create treatment plans.

Speech Therapy

We implement treatment plans for deficits and delays in the area of language comprehension, language expression, social aspects of language and speech sound production.

Hi. I’m Cocoa.

Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist

My mission is to provide high quality speech and language therapy services to children and families in San Diego. I have been a Speech and Language Pathologist working in San Diego for twelve years. In that time I have used evidence based practices to provide effective therapy to help clients improve their speech abilities and families learn to support their children and loved ones to reach their speech goals.

My Specialties

Pragmatic Language

This refers to the social language skills that we use in our daily interactions with others. This includes what we say, how we say it, our non-verbal communication (eye contact, facial expressions, body language etc.) and how appropriate our interactions are in a given situation.

(ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a broad range of conditions which are characterized by challenges in the areas of social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.

I have extensive experience working with children on the Autism spectrum, across settings, skill sets, and ages. I have worked in early intervention and early identification and have years of experience supporting children and families through school and into young adulthood. 

Expressive Language

A broad term that describes how a person communicates their wants and needs.  Expressive Language skills include: facial expressions, gestures, intentionality, vocabulary, semantics (word/sentence meaning), morphology, and syntax (grammar rules).


Articulation is the process by which sounds, syllables, and words are formed when your tongue, jaw, teeth, lips, and palate alter the air stream coming from the vocal folds.

Receptive Language

A broad term that describes a person’s ability to understand language whether it be heard or read.


(AAC) or Augmentative and Alternative Communication, includes all of the ways we share our ideas and feelings without talking. This includes everything from gestures, body language, and facial expressions to pen and paper or touching letters or pictures on a computer screen that speaks for you. An SLP can help find the right AAC system for your communication needs.

My Approach & Values

Family is at the heart of what I do. When working as a professional I think of my own family and how I would want to be treated if I had any worries for my son or daughter. I bring this focus to every aspect of treatment.

How Do I Get Started?

I provide free 20 minute phone consultations to discuss your concerns and see if I’m a good fit.  If I’m not I can help you find someone who is.


Blue Shield of California

We are in network with Blue Shield of California PPO insurance plans. Contact us to check your benefits.

Private Pay

We accept private pay clients. We can prepare a “super bill” upon request which includes all the necessary information to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.

San Diego Regional Center

We are a vendor for San Diego Regional Center. You can contact your case manager if you are interested in receiving early intervention services with us.

Teaching the skills and techniques that improve speech and communication  is always an exciting journey for me. I look forward to helping you achieve your communication goals.

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